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Helping physical therapists with critical thinking and building scientific curiosity.

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What does it mean to Live Clinically?


Living clinically is employing critical thinking in everyday situations. It is assessing the available information, identifying and addressing judgments and biases, and accurately applying available information to positively influence patient lives.

Treating and knowing what evidence to use in clinical practice is challenging. Healthcare is full of misinformation, our schooling barely scratches the surface, and many treatments touted in continuing education lack efficacy. How do physical therapists determine what best practice is?

This site is designed to help physical therapists with critical thinking and building scientific curiosity. These tools will allow any therapist to critically appraise research, reflect on clinical practice, and provide evidence-based treatment for the betterment of their patients

Distance Mentorship Program

Hospital Cafeteria

Interested in receiving mentorship from a current clinician?

The PT Solutions Distance Mentoring Model is for current DPT students looking to advance in the physical therapy industry and their professional career upon graduation. Practicing clinicians are paired with a student based on individual interests and personality.

  • 4 months with each assigned mentor

  • Monthly/quarterly meetings

  • Opportunity for mentoring from several different perspectives and career paths

  • Personalized guidance for career preparation


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